Ignoring Eclipse and Maven files and Folders with Git

The file .gitignore tells Git which files to ignore at commit time. The ignore file itself shall be added and committed to the repository.

Add the following lines to in order to ignore Eclipse project files and folders


Add the following line to ignore Maven target folder:


Telling Subversion to Ignore Files and Directories from the Command Line

To tell Subversion to ignore files and directories, it is necessary to set the value of the svn:ignore property. To do so, open a terminal.

Run the following command in the terminal. It will open a Nano window in the terminal to allow editing the files and folders to ignore.

svn propedit svn:ignore .

In my case, I wanted to ignore Maven and Eclipse files. I therefore added the following directories:

  • target
  • .classpath
  • .project
  • .settings

To make the changes effective, you must commit your changes:

svn commit
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