Where will all my bookmarks go?

When first heard the news that Yahoo! was going to lay people off, I was far from imagining that it would affect me directly. Of course, it always saddens me when people are made redundant. But it didn’t even cross my mind that Yahoo! would close down some of its most popular services.

Actually I don’t rely much on Yahoo! except for Yahoo! Groups and delicious. I gave up using my Yahoo! mail a long time ago because I found GMail much better. I barely use Flickr except when I need images under Creative Commons Licence.

I was very surprised yesterday when I first saw some tweets spreading the news. I googled it and came across this article. The article shows a slide on which it seems that delicious only is threatened. That’s a bit of a relief. On the other hand, I find this news pretty odd. Indeed, why not selling delicious or even give it to the community? I can easily imagine that there must be a hell of an infrastructure underneath the product, which must also be costly. I am eager to hear from Yahoo! on the subject in the coming days.

Now, I wonder: Where will all my bookmarks go?

For many years, I have been keeping my bookmarks in the cloud. I love the tagging concept. I can tag my bookmarks instead of painfully try to store them in a static folder structure to find them back. I can look something up inside my bookmarks as well as in other’s bookmarks. You don’t need to thoroughly organise your stuff. Simply categorise it and harness the search capabilities of the tool and find out what others bookmarked. Furthermore I can access my bookmarks from anywhere, I don’t need to care about backing them up. This is the Web 2.0!

Are there worthwhile alternatives out there?

Some didn’t waste time! Evernote already blogged about making the transition from delicious to Evernotes!

Personally, I wouldn’t go for a non-free, non-cloud alternative. Maybe I will fall back to Google Bookmarks as I intensively use Google Products. I still have to look into such alternatives. I did a quick googling on the topic and found some worth reading articles:

In the mean time, if you want to keep your bookmarks, you can export your them to html on the delicious web site: https://secure.delicious.com/settings/bookmarks/export. Lifehacker also posted an article explaining how to export your delicious bookmarks and import them in your browser if you don’t know how to do it: http://lifehacker.com/5714313/

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