Heck, blogging is not as easy as I thought

Quite some months ago, I decided that I wanted to start blogging. In my both my personal and professional lives, I spend a lot of time reflecting upon my actions and the actions of others, how to improve activities, processes or attitudes. Blogging sounded like a natural way to crystallize all that thinking. Indeed, thinking through a problem is good but coming to write it down yields even more results. Formulating an idea on paper helps structure it even more.

So far, so good. I know what I want to do and which subjects I want to tackle:

  1. Express opinions
  2. Review stuff I read or use
  3. Share experience
  4. Crystallize some ideas and write about how I do things to get a better understanding of them as well as to improve. Sort of Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act.

I am used to writing. At work, I have to write a lot (maybe too much in fact) as I work for a consultancy company. I was wrong. Blogging is not the same as writing a document for a customer or the team or a white paper. At lease, in my understanding of blogging. My idea was to publish short and concise worth-reading posts. That’s quite a high expectation and obviously not really humble. Who am I to say that what I write is worth reading 🙂

Working out a post takes time more time than I thought. It might be because I don’t want to publish anything that meets some level of expectation from my side. I know that I shall not raise the bar too high but this is easier said than done.

Because it takes time and energy to write a valuable post, I haven’t posted much up until now. I’ll make a new year wish mid-July but I’ll try and blog more often. I think it’s part of an ongoing and perpetual learning cycle and well worth the effort.

I’ll try to post at least once per week. Let’s see if I can commit to that!


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